At Our Montessori Schools, Your Kids Love Learning the Basis for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Skills

Parents today want their kids to “love learning” but also to have a practical foundation in math, science, and other core skills including language skills. Guess what? Montessori straddles both the fun of learning and the foundations of STEM! […]

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Start Learning at Age 2 at our Niles, CA, Preschool

It’s never too early to prepare your kids! More and more parents are discovering that daycare can be a “pre” preschool for their kids, and the Montessori method, which makes learning FUN is a great way to introduce them to a lifelong love of learning. This is why we welcome parents to drop by at our Fremont Montessori daycare location in Niles Blvd. […]

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At Learn And Play Montessori We have Two Preschools in Centerville, Fremont

Fremont is a big city, with a population approaching a quarter of a million people and there is some pressure on finding the right preschool for your child. If you are looking for a Montessori preschool and live in or around Centerville, at Learn And Play Montessori we are proud to announce that we have two preschools in Centerville and will be delighted for you to come and visit and take a tour of either or both of them so [...]

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