Fremont is a big city, with a population approaching a quarter of a million people and there is some pressure on finding the right preschool for your child. If you are looking for a Montessori preschool and live in or around Centerville, at Learn And Play Montessori we are proud to announce that we have two preschools in Centerville and will be delighted for you to come and visit and take a tour of either or both of them so that you can see for yourself the benefits of the Montessori method.Montessori preschools in Centerville.

Our Centerville (Fremont) California preschools are in Peralta and Maple. The Peralta campus is just off Thornton Avenue and Dusterberry Way and only minutes from Newark and Highway 880. This beautiful campus has six large classrooms which are light and airy and packed with Montessori materials of all kinds. There is also a lovely secure playground outside in which the children can explore what nature has to offer, while having fun on the playground equipment as well.

Close by is our Maple campus which is on Maple Street between Thornton Avenue and Fremont Blvd, and is also close to Newark and the 880. Both of these campuses accept children from two years old to six, and open early in the morning and do not close until early in the evening, making them ideal for parents who have to commute, since you can drop your child off on the way to work and collect him again on the way home.

The Montessori method of teaching recognizes that children are wide open to learning up until the age of six when the brain goes into a different mode. We let our children explore all the Montessori materials and take and use the ones which interest them.

Each Child Is Learning About Something That Interests Him

This works exceptionally well, because each child is learning about something in which he has an interest rather than having to sit listening to a teacher talking about something that he may not just have no interest in, but actually find boring. What is more, our children learn by doing. They use all their five senses, rather than just their ears, and as a result they are excited to discover more: they learn because they WANT to learn rather than because they are being told to learn.

If you think about it, this makes total sense for children in their formative years, because once they have found it fun to learn they will want to continue to learn when they get to first grade and beyond. The Montessori method makes a basis for their learning for the rest of their lives.