Fremont parents want options! They want public transport, and they want cars.

Many preschool options in Fremont

They want Target and they want Walmart. They want Whole Foods and Safeway. They love Fremont because it’s an easy city to live in with so many wonderful options.

Well, among the options that they want are preschool options. They want private preschools in Fremont. They want public preschools in Fremont. They want Montessori. They want non-Montessori. They are actually well-served when it comes to Fremont, CA, preschool options. There are the public schools, which are non-Montessori, and there are private preschools which may be either Montessori or non-Montessori.

The public schools do have one certain advantage over the private schools in Fremont, and that is that they are free, which the private ones are most definitely not. However, that is where the advantages stop, because if you are a working parent, you will find it very difficult to fit in around the hours of the public schools. They have very short hours, and they also close for weeks on end in the summer. They also very often have big classes and the teachers are often overworked, so the standard of education is not always of the highest order.

For these reasons, when you are looking at Fremont, CA, preschool options, if you are working parents the public school system may be impossible.

That Leaves The Private Schools in Fremont, California

That leaves you with private preschools in Fremont, and here you have the choice of Montessori or non-Montessori. Maybe you will accuse us of bias at Learn And Play Montessori, but our name is a bit of a giveaway. However, we firmly believe that the Montessori method of learning is streets ahead of the traditional ways of learning which is why we wholeheartedly and unashamedly promote it.

We have four preschools in Fremont – in Niles, Peralta, Maple, and Irvington – and we are shortly going to open another on Fremont Blvd in Centerville. All of our schools have light and large classrooms that are filled to the brim with top-quality Montessori materials from which the children can choose.

That’s right! Each child gets to choose what to explore and find out about. He or she can select materials at will and play with them and learn about them. This instills a lifelong love of learning in the child, because he is finding out about something which he finds of interest, so he quickly comes to love learning about things for the sake of learning. His mind is always open to finding out about something new.

Of course, there is more to the Montessori method than that, but in order to fully explore your Fremont, CA, preschool options, we encourage you to visit any of our campuses for a school tour. You can drop in any weekday between 9.30 am and 10.30 when we are always happy to see parents.