Union City was named years ago for its Union activities, including a huge steel mill. The best Montessori preschool in Union City is in Niles, Fremont, CAYou’d never know it now. It’s become an affordable (well, relatively affordable) city in the Bay Area for young families. We know, as we get lots of folks seeking Union City preschools who come over to our Niles, California, preschool location just over the “border” in Fremont. We are actually on Niles Blvd, just by Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, so a really easy commute if you are going into Fremont.

Our preschool campus is open for children from the age of two up to six and has nine large and light classrooms which open out on to a very large playground and natural area with lots of trees and shade where the children can explore. We have a separate playground for the toddlers, too.

In each of our classrooms is a set of high-quality Montessori materials, and the children are free to look through them until they find something of interest. They can then take it and sit down with it, explore it and find out what it is and what it does. In our Montessori classrooms there is never any rush, because each child progresses at his or her own pace. Some children are naturally faster learners than others, but they are not held back, while those who are slower learners do not feel under any pressure as there is no sense of competition. There is also plenty of opportunity for working in small groups.

Classes With A Range Of Ages In Them

Our preschool classes have a range of ages in them and this helps the children to learn to socialize and to work with one another, the older children often helping out the younger ones if they are having difficulty with something. We aim to develop our children into well-rounded members of society.

All of our children learn by doing. Rather than sitting listening to a teacher talking, they are using all their five senses to explore and find out about things. Our preschoolers have plenty of time to become fascinated by a concept, developing their potential at their own pace. The classrooms are designed to encourage the children to want to learn more, and the children will learn fine and gross motor activities, pre-counting activities, development of speech and language – including a second language, Spanish – and develop the skills of socializing with others. The children will also undertake activities such as artwork, music and dance, and speaking in public.

If you are a parent looking for Union City preschools, we would encourage you to come to Niles Blvd for a school tour. You can make an appointment if you so wish, but we are also happy to show any parents around between 9.30 am and 10,30, Mondays through Fridays – walk-ins welcome!