Fremont is a big city, and it’s getting bigger all the time. The population is approaching the 250,000 mark, making Fremont the #4 city in the Bay Area after San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. Learn And Play Montessori preschools in Fremont.Because of it size, it has a LOT to offer in all sorts of sectors. For instance, when you are looking for Fremont, CA, preschools we give you a choice of four at Learn And Play Montessori, with campuses in Niles, Peralta, Maple, and Irvington. Wherever you live or work in Fremont, there’s a Learn And Play Montessori near you.

Before you ask, no we don’t have one in Union City, but we’re on Niles Blvd just by Quarry Lakes Regional Recreational Area, so we’re only just over the border and still convenient.

We are convenient in a lot of other ways too. Our campuses take children from two to six and we open at 7.00 am and don’t close until 6.30 pm. This is ideal for working parents because no matter what your hours, you can drop your child off on the way to work and pick him or her up again on the way home. We are also convenient for the I-580 and I-680 if you commute using those.

Large And Light Classrooms

All of our Fremont, CA, preschools campuses have large and light classrooms that are filled to the brim with a huge selection of Montessori materials from which the children can choose. That is the way the Montessori method works: the child can stroll around the classroom until he finds something which interests him. Then he can explore the material in his own time and take as long as he wants. There are no deadlines and there is no pressure. If he decides after looking at something that it isn’t really of interest after all, he can simply go and find something else.

There is no peer pressure either. In fact, much of the time the older children in the class will help the younger ones if they are having difficulty with something or can’t quite understand how it works. Our teachers keep an eye on what each child is doing and when the time seems right will introduce him to some further materials. By learning in this way, the children very soon come to love learning because they are enjoying what they are doing. The basic aims of education at all levels are to encourage imagination, increase the child’s ability to concentrate, and develop the child’s independence.

If you are looking for Fremont, CA, preschools, we encourage you to come over and take a look at your nearest Learn And Play Montessori. We think you will like what you see.