Irvington is one of the most wonderful neighborhoods in Fremont. We love Irvington! Irvington is a great area, convenient to Interstate I-680. Irvington California (Fremont) has a best-in-class preschoolBut even better, it’s full of trendy restaurants and great cafes; and even better than that, it’s home to a best-in-class preschool – Learn And Play Montessori on Fremont Blvd.

If you are looking at Irvington preschools to find a preschool for your child, you can do no better than Learn And Play Montessori. The Montessori method of learning is unique. There is no other word for it. Nothing even comes remotely close. Our Irvington preschool has large classrooms which are filled with natural light, since we believe that is the best way to learn. Sometimes we do have to switch the lights on if it gets very cloudy, but as far as possible we love the light that nature intended us to have.

We also love to let the children play and explore outside when possible. We have a large playground which is securely fenced and gated and has plenty of play structures on which the children can have fun, and some tall trees which provide shade from the sunlight when it gets hot.

The Montessori Method Explained

When you are looking for Irvington preschools, if you don’t know how the Montessori method works, let us explain. Maria Montessori believed that each child is an individual and that the child knows best what it wants to learn about.

So each classroom is filled with a huge range of Montessori materials from which the child is free to choose whatever appeals to him or her. The child can wander freely about the classroom until he finds something with catches his eye. When he does, he is free to take it away and sit quietly on his own exploring it, play with it with another child, find out what it does and how it works, and so on.

One of the beauties of the Montessori method is that there are no time limits. The child can play with and explore the materials he has chosen for as long as he likes. Since most children are engaged on something different from the next child, there is no element of competition. Nothing that says that little Johnny is doing “better” than little Freddie.

So every child learns about whatever he chooses to discover in his own time and at his own pace. Our teachers watch over the children, and when the time seems right will introduce a child to some further materials that he can explore.

This way, the child very quickly learns to love learning, and simply wants to do more of it. Now isn’t that better than sitting down listening to a teacher talking about something that the child may – or more importantly, may not – find of interest?

If you are researching Irvington preschools, we invite you to come over for a school tour and see just how well our children are doing.