Niles in Fremont is one of the key neighborhoods of the city and if you want a fun fact is where the original Charlie Chaplin films were shot. Yes, The Tramp and The Champion were shot in Niles inside and outside the Essanay Studios.The best Niles preschool is Learn And Play Montessori.

However, today, it is home to one of the best Niles, California, preschools in Fremont which is Learn And Play Montessori. We are to be found at 35699 Niles Blvd and we provide a year-round program for children from the ages of 2 – 6 years. Our Niles campus is in a residential area and has no less than nine large classrooms with lots of natural light, which lead out on to an outdoor playground with plenty of trees and shade in which the children can play, have lots of fun, and learn about Mother Nature. There is also a separate playground for the toddlers.

The Niles, California, preschools Montessori method of teaching lets the child choose what to do. Instead of sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher talking, our children are given access to a huge range of Montessori materials from which they can choose according to what interests them and what catches their imagination. They can then learn and find out about a subject at their own pace in their own time and in their own way with no hassle to “achieve” a particular target because there are no targets. We’re also not far from Union City, and many parents choose us as the best preschool in Union City, even though technically we are in Fremont (just over the border).

Instead the children explore using their own creativity and ideas and as a result they learn because they are enjoying what they are doing and want to find out more. In our words, they learn because they learn to love learning. They learn a range of different skills with no element of competition because they are finding things out at their own rate, and because different children are exploring different concepts at any given moment. Slower learners are not criticized or pushed, while quicker learners are not held back because their teacher oversees what they are doing and introduces them to new concepts and materials when the time is right.

The Montessori method of Niles, California, preschools treats children as individuals to be respected, which is what they are. They are not all herded together in one classroom and told what to do. Rather they are asked what they would like to learn about and then provided with the facilities to do exactly that.

At Learn And Play Montessori in Niles we welcome parents to visit us for a tour of the school and see just what our children do and how much they enjoy it. We provide tours every day Monday through Friday from 9.30am to 10.30am with no appointment necessary. Just walk in. Alternatively, you can click on the School Tours link above and book a time that is convenient to you.