Evenings can be tough for Fremont, California, parents when they have children who don’t want to go to bed on time. However, fortunately for you, during the day you have several Fremont daycare options. Drop your child off at Learn And Play Montessori School and then you can have a nap during the day, or even go to work. With four locations in Fremont, California, we have Montessori-based preschool options that are second to none. And of course we’re not just preschool – we’re daycare / childcare and up to Kindergarten!

Our Montessori toddler program is a fun, loving, and respectful place for your youngster to develop into a self-confident and independent individual. All our toddlers are encouraged to explore their class environment where we have a huge choice of materials and toys which are designed to pique their interest and start them off on the right road to becoming successful adults.Fremont California Daycare

Our Fremont daycare classes are designed to teach your child gross and fine motor skills, but they also promote language, practical life exercises, math, science, and the arts. Our teachers pay particular attention to the way in which the child develops and the things that he starts to take an interest in. Initially, the primary goal is to support the children’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth, and to nurture the sense of being in a secure and stimulating environment.

A Large Store Of Materials for the Montessori Method

We have a large store of materials from which your child can choose things which interest him. Activities include puzzles, naming objects, nursery rhymes, and songs. The teacher will also read stories, and children will further learn language through picture word cards, vocabulary cards, isolating sounds, exercises to discriminate between shapes and sizes, and matching cards.

Counting is learned through counting animals, shapes, fingers, objects in the environment indoors and out, and also through singing songs. Children learn the concepts of time through daily activities, times of day such as morning and afternoon, and the seasons of the year. We also teach movement which children learn through clapping, rolling, bending, hopping, jumping, bending, stretching, and dancing.

Our Fremont daycare also includes sensorial learning through exploring sand, water, play dough, and the texture of objects, and matching or distinguishing objects by shape, size, or colour. Children will learn science activities such as gravity, floating and sinking, magnetism, color mixing, water properties, rocks, weather and seasons. They will be taken on nature walks, and learn to distinguish between living and non-living things, and care of plants.

Our toddler daycare in Fremont embraces a wide variety of subjects with the object of bringing your child up to be a fully rounded person.